LL textiles  "thistle" pillow
LL textiles  "thistle" pillow

LL textiles "thistle" pillow

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Lauren Liess Textiles "thistle" pillow in moss.  Cotton.  Two-sided.   

NOTE FROM LAUREN:  There's something so captivating about thistles with their long spiky stems and massive pinky-purple blooms.  I remember leaning in to touch the wildflower for the first time as a little girl- my bike tossed to the side of the road- and being so surprised by the softness of the petals.  They're incredibly soft - softer than a dandelion- but it's hard to get to them without getting pricked.  I remember trying to pop the top bloom off with my bare hands and dealing with the thorns in my fingers just so I could get the bloom & take it home.  I think it's that juxtaposition that's so intriguing about thistles;  their beauty is both soft & hard, like roses & their thorns, but a bit wilder & more dangerous. 

21" x 21"