'white cypress' hand poured soy candle
'white cypress' hand poured soy candle

'white cypress' hand poured soy candle

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Our signature all-season scent - white cypress- is clean, fresh and green with a warm, woodsy undertone.    Our two-tone ceramic jar can be reused once the candle has burned down. 

scent notes: moss | cucumber | cedarwood

season: seasonless 

13 oz. hand-poured soy candle

3.5”w x 4”h

NOTE FROM LAUREN:  I use "white cypress" throughout my house all year long but pull in other scents such as "potager" in the kitchen in the spring and summer and "wood rose" in the bedroom in the warmer months.  I use "balsam wood" as my seasonal accent in the winter and "orchard" in the fall.  I often also keep my signature scent out when bringing in the seasonal accent scents so they sort of mingle and the seasonal accents feel more like my "home smell." And PS- As much pressure as we're putting on you to pick the "right" scent, I promise, I'm in love with them all and you can't go wrong!


Scent is the sense most closely tied with our memories.  It not only shapes what we think about when entering a space, but it affects our future memories and associations with that space and those of all who live and visit there.  We believe selecting the scent for each room of your home - though not quite as permanent!- is as important as selecting the right paint color.  Lauren experimented with hundreds of scent combinations to create scents that are evocative of moments spent in nature, the changing seasons, and her favorite flora and fauna.  The Lauren Liess Scent Collection aims to take you away to a quiet natural place that makes you exhale and feel a little freer.     

Which scent is for you? We've included descriptors to describe each scent so you can figure out which scent or scents might be your favorites.  We generally recommend selecting a "signature scent" for your home that you use all over- in candles, diffusers and room sprays as needed- throughout most seasons and then select "seasonal" accent scents that you use during specific times of the year to pull thoughts to the seasons at hand.  Our "seasonless" scents were specifically made to work with each of the seasonal scents, though many of the scents marked with a season can still make a lovely signature scent for the home and do combine beautifully with other seasonal scents. 

Also available as a diffuser.