Live Paisley in Black + White
Live Paisley in Black + White
Live Paisley in Black + White
Live Paisley in Black + White

Live Paisley in Black + White

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Live Paisley is a true "doodle."  It's the very same little leaves & flowers I've doodled since childhood on the edges of my looseleaf paper during class.  I even hid a small inscription the way I sometimes used to when hiding notes.  The hidden inscription "Live your life" reminds me to take advantage of each & every day & to keep on doing my own thing no matter what others say or do.  It's focusing on what I can do to change things & love every day and not worrying about the rest.  

Available in several colorways.

100% Linen

Repeats~ Horizontal: 18" / Vertical: 14.5"


Inspired by natural elements and the wildflowers & weeds Lauren has loved since childhood, each hand-drawn textile tells a story. Because of the nature of our eco-friendly printing process (which uses water vs. harsh chemicals) slight variations will occur. The textiles have been designed with this in mind and many of them have a slightly mottled quality to give the appearance of age & patina. We believe that this is what makes them unique & beautiful.
Printed in the U.S.A. on Belgian linen.
54" wide
Not suitable for heavy use upholstery
Washing fabric will change its appearance due to the nature of natural linen. (Fibers loosen, and it takes on a patina & fades slightly, which we love.) Most of the fabrics pictured on this website have been washed. If you order a memo, it will not come washed.
Wash only in cold water on “gentle" with a gentle cleanser and dry on low or no heat so as to not break the linen's fibers. The designs that change the most when washed are those with colored backgrounds.
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