lauren liess fabric sample set

lauren liess fabric sample set

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Complete set of Lauren Liess fabrics.

Included in this set are swatches of all of Lauren's hand drawn patterns as listed below:

  • Squid Flower in Wine, Black & White, Navy, and Sepia
  • Straight Stripe in Black & White, Navy, Earth, Green, and Orange
  • Thistle in Sepia, TRUE, and Navy
  • Birdfeet in Snow and Black
  • Boho Stripe in Antique Beige, China Blue, Dusty Blue, Spice, Lou Lou's Pistachio, Solid Spice, Lagoon, and True Blue
  • Circtangles in Fresh Blue and Black & White
  • Fern Star in Sepia, Yellow, Moss, Indigo, Lou Lou's Pistachio
  • Filigree Chevron in Black on Oatmeal, Autumn, Blue, Black on Cream, and Gray
  • Gisele's Web in Apricot, Avocado, Blueberry, Yellow, and Carbon
  • Live Paisley in Black & White, Turquoise, Yellow, Indigo, Dusty Blue, Olive & Pink, Antique Beige, Red, Gold, and Lou Lou's Pistachio
  • Magnolia in Chartreuse on Oatmeal, China Blue, Yellow, Black & White, TRUE, Orange, and Pink
  • Moth Wing in Monarch, Navy, and Antique Beige
  • Pierced Porcelian in Olive, Blue, and Gray
  • Queen Anne's Bouqet in TRUE and Black on Oatmeal
  • Small Wild Chicory in Denim, Faded Celadon, Black & White, and Black on Oatmeal
  • Wild Chicory in Olive, Black & White, Celadon, Denim, Black on Cream, Black on Oatmeal
  • Ticking Stripe in Black on Oatmeal, Antique Beige, Black & White, and Aqua
  • Buttercup in TRUE on Cream, TRUE on White, and TRUE on Black
  • Squircles in Fog and Black & White
  • Fern Stripe in INdigo, Chartreuse, Earth and Lichen